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Lawyers Practicing in Climate Change Law

Bell Gully –

Buddle Finlay –

Chancery Green –

Chapman Tripp –

Chen Palmer –

Kensington Swan –

Minter Ellison Rudd Watts –

North South Environmental Law –

Russell McVeagh –

Simpson Grierson –

Tom Bennion –

Vernon Rive –


Accounting Firms:

Ernst and Young –

Price Waterhouse Coopers –


Government Agencies

Electricity Authority –

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority –

Environmental Protection Authority –

Ministry for the Environment –

Ministry of Primary Industries –

New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals –

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment –



Aotearoa Wave and Tidal Energy Association –

Bioenergy Association of New Zealand –

Forest and Bird –

Homestar –

New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development –

New Zealand Climate Change Centre –

New Zealand Climate Science Coalition –

New Zealand Geothermal Association –

New Zealand Green Building Council –

New Zealand Wind Energy Association –

Resource Management Law Association –

Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand –



Hottopic –


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